Saturday, December 30, 2006

the year in pictures - 2006

Calendar picture album

Calendars ordered from CafePress

001 Florida vacation

002 Geocaching

003 the treehouse

004 Buddy's glider ride

005 the real Florida

006 Carrie's skydiving

007 Vacation entertainment

008 Rome Braves game

009 Tumblin Falls

010 Mt. Leconte 2-day trip

011 Camping

012 Home for 30 years


michaelm said...

Hey Susan-
Thanks for stopping by.
Run, don't walk to get a Wordpress blog. I have nothing but good things to say. Contact me via my email if you have any more in depth questions.
Keep me posted if you decide to switch over.
Happy New Year...


Motherkitty said...

My, you've had a busy year. I've enjoyed each one of these posts and enjoyed journeying along with you and husband.

Hope your new year is happy and full of joy.

L. xxooxx

colleen said...

That's a great idea! Can you believe you all did all that? The skydiving one makes me quesy. You sound like you have some very special kids.

jellyhead said...

Happy New Year Susan!! Love the year in pictures!