Sunday, August 2, 2015


I asked around if anyone had any advice for Madison going off to college...

I wasn't sure if anyone would respond, I figured the elders would like to impart their worldly wisdom, but it was the younger folks with the most advice, mostly those who are still in college or recently graduated. Thanks to all the friends, family, and teachers for the advice. And then there is Heidi, who took this very seriously and wrote an advice term paper :)

From Heidi:
Make friends with the people on your hall.  You’ll see them more than just about anyone else on campus and likely will have to borrow toilet paper or toothpaste from them at some point.
Get to know the custodians and maintenance folks who service your residence hall.  You never know when you’ll need their help, but they’ll surely remember a friendly face when you do.
Make friends with the financial aid secretary.  S/he will be the first to know about new scholarships and will begin matching faces and names to the requirements on those pots of money.
Being the DD for a good group of friends has its perks.  Incriminating photos and stories come in handy down the road.

Find the nearest Waffle House, Huddle House, or other local diner.  All-nighters aren’t complete without an abundance of coffee and greasy food.  Val, the waitress always working the night shift for the YHC students, attended our graduation and got a standing ovation from us all.  I think the tips we left put her son through college.
Labs with a TA are the saving-grace of ANY class held in a 350-person auditorium.
The first time you make anything less than an A will be an upsetting day, but the upside is that you realize life doesn’t end and your future profession doesn’t suffer either.  In fact, that frightening, gut-wrenching experience turns out to be one of the most liberating experiences of college.
Find out when each campus ministry (Wesley Foundation, BSU, CCF, etc) meets and offers a free (or inexpensive) meal.  Many churches provide potlucks or home-cooked meals for the campus ministries and are a life-saver when the dining hall food loses its appeal and your bank account is tapped out.
If you have to do laundry with quarters, start saving them NOW!  They can be like gold on campus and can be traded for many other items often in demand.
Tailgate with friends during football season.  It’s an education all its own.
Listening to the band while they warm-up at pre-game…Priceless.
Live a little beyond studying.  It won’t be the end of your academic career, but it will let you experience the other side of college life.
Find the least-visited area of the library with a comfy chair and claim it as your own.  Naps in these hallowed places are a God-send in between classes when you can’t get back to your dorm for a power nap.
Stash a well-folded $20 bill in an inconspicuous pocket in your backpack.  You’ll forget it’s there until you need it most.
Get involved with the student/campus activities board.  You’ll then have front-row access to all the best entertainment on campus and will learn how to setup sound and lighting for future events back home, too.
The microwave in your room is your friend.  You can make just about any tasty meal you like with this handy device.  A Crock Pot and a stack of recipe cards will make you the most popular person on your hall.
Show some love to your resident director (RD) and resident assistants (RAs).  They have a very hard job and will be there when you lock yourself out of your room or are feeling homesick.  If they have pet-privileges, they’ll also love to call on you for pet-sitting when they need to be off-campus.  In return, you get to love on some furry friends and enjoy a living space away from your roommate for a spell.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I have been watching the mailbox closely and yesterday it arrived!

I received a draft copy of the manuscript for a much-anticipated book coming out this fall.

Loose leaf 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, double-space typing, spiral bound. This is the first time I have seen a book at this stage.

It makes me wonder about the making of a book, how many different forms it takes before we see the finished product on the bookstore shelf.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to read this for early review. I promised I would take good care of this and not share it with anyone… sorry no spoilers here :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


double-parked at Sonic
the most popular place in town 
on these hot summer days in OK

Sonic headquarters in OKC

Monday, July 27, 2015

cowboy museum


The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City

Went to the cowboy museum, a good destination on a hot day. A huge site, galleries full of beautiful western art, paintings, sculptures. The history of the cowboy, Native Americans, rodeo, guns, western movie stars, boots, saddles, and of course the barbed wire collection. No photography allowed in a lot of areas. Beautiful shady garden gallery with streams and more sculptures.

Friday, July 24, 2015

sew proud

Madison is headed to Alabama for college in a few weeks. The last one to leave the nest, her mom is dealing with it as best as she can, keeping very busy gathering everything needed to send her baby off. 

Back in April, Melissa sent me this picture of a pillow on Etsy, with this message:

Whacha think? BAMA......Georgia?

Cost way too much!

I took this to really mean - Mom check out this pillow, it costs too much to buy but I bet you could make one, right?

I was wrong.

I started sending her ideas for fabrics and asked about size, etc., when she gently let me down and said that SHE wanted to make it for Madison. Ah, I understand.

A little background here, Melissa does not sew. Or knit. Or crochet. She has done some cross-stitch in the distant past. But then if you know Melissa, if she decides she wants to do something, she will do it and do it well.

So she waited until Madison was away from home for a few days and started in. I got this e-mail with subject line Pillow stage 1:

Followed a few minutes later with this:

Glad I used heat bond lite....alabama is backwards. Oops

All stitches done by hand… with love. Sew proud.

Near-empty-nest tendencies - Melissa sewing - who knew! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

on the road again

Camper quilt - finished!

A bit too colorful? I am getting used to it. I just started buying up small pieces of fabric locally that looked like travel, camping. Like the one with campers and the picnic tables, the license plates and the route 66 fabric. Once I had enough, I started to arrange them in some sort of pattern. I didn't like it at first, too much going on. So I broke it up with roads going through, it helped. So here it is, on the road again. Just something to keep me from going stir crazy, it helps to be doing something, making something. 

Then the next step - backing… I always have trouble with this, I cant seem to make myself pay quilt shop prices for fabric for the back of a quilt, call me cheap, it's okay. So I perused the bedsheet aisle at Wal-Mart, then found the close-out shelf and voila! a full size sheet for $9. That will do, and no seams!

Batting on sale at Amazon and delivered free to my door, awesome. Now the quilt sandwich. I love the basting spray but not gonna happen here. No space big enough, too hot to open windows for ventilation… so going old school, basting with a needle and thread, wow. It actually went pretty well, and other than a backache from leaning over the bed (biggest place to work) it was done in no time at all.

And of course the label always takes a big chunk of time - not to make, but figuring out what to make… I really liked this vintage camper pix found on Pinterest, so went with that design.

Here in the camper there is not a lot of room. I brought my smaller portable sewing machine, which stays in my storage area, a.k.a. car, when not in use. Also no iron or ironing board, which you really need when sewing, all those seams need pressing. Luckily I found such at the campground laundry room.

Now if it would just get cool enough to actually need a quilt :)

The name, on the road again, is from our many travels over the years, starting way back when we would go on weekend camping trips with the kids, as soon as we would turn out of the driveway we would sing along with Willie:

On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again
And I can't wait to get on the road again
~Willie Nelson

His lyrics pretty much summed up our earlier road trips, but then My House came out and Kacey nailed it:

Who needs a house up on a hill
When you can have one on four wheels
And take it anywhere the wind might blow?
You don't ever have to mow the yard
Just hang a map and throw a dart
And pray to God the engine starts and go
Water and electric and a place to drain the septic
Any KOA is A-OK as long as I'm with you
So come on hitch your wagon
To the living room I'm draggin'
If I can't bring you to my house
I'll bring my house to you
~Kacey Musgraves