Thursday, August 20, 2015

small town memories

Do you ever go back to the little town where you grew up and wonder if it will be the same? It has probably grown a little, but the original buildings are still there, just with different goods. If you look real close you can still see the old hangouts…

it was the late 1960s
we were wearing mini skirts
and crocheted vests
listening to Crimson and Clover
over and over
hanging out at the canteen
dancing with boys
buying 45s for $1
groceries at the A&P
Williamson's 5&10
Jabaley's for shoes
fabric store for clothes
Tastee Freeze on Harpertown Hill
football games at West Fannin
sock hops with live bands
cruising to the Fountain
curb service
drive-in movies
going to the lake

It's all still there if you squint just a little and maybe put on those rose colored glasses, try it and enjoy the trip.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

knitting bloopers

Prayer shawl almost done knitting, then time to add the fringe.

But wait, what is this? It ended up way bigger at one end… the end I started on. It looks like I started out really big and then kind of found my stride about 12" in…

Something needs to be done, it cannot stay like this.

If I had someone to ask, they might say LMGTFY, so I just did it myself, hey GOOGLE?

I found this website and learned way more than I wanted to know, about frogging and reverse frogging...what? But I did glean the info that I needed:

Option 1 - unravel the knitting from the beginning which is virtually impossible, every stitch turns into a knot. Option 2 - cut the yarn/stitches at the point needed, catch the stitches one by one onto a needle, then ravel the rest of the yarn out from the cut point.

After you get the stitches, you can either bind them off for a clean edge, and then take the raveled out yarn to the other end and add to the shawl there (since I am not finished with that end yet). OR, after you get the stitches on the needle, you can take the raveled out yarn and start adding it back on right there, only you will be going the wrong way than before and it might show up as being different. I will try it and see…

Ok can you see the line about the midway of the picture? It looks like I purled when I should have knitted... but since all the rows are knit... anyway, it is just the result of going the wrong way. I think it looks fine and is hard to see unless you are looking for it.

fringed and done!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

meet in the middle

madi and nathan

sarah and matt

kyle and allison

erika and madison

madison nathan racheal

keith and melissa

the whole crew

Family get-together, 11 for dinner for Madison's 18th birthday, and we are still missing a few :(

Meet in the middle between home and Tuscaloosa... road trip! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015


100 years of RAT CAPS at Georgia Tech!

Since 1915, all freshmen or 'rats' are required to wear the RAT CAP. 

This Sunday, students of the new freshman class will don their RAT Caps for the first time, participating in a Tech tradition that marks its 100th anniversary this year.

RAT caps are filled out by using a black permanent marker to write the acronym RAT on the upturned brim followed by the student’s name above it, major to the left, graduation year to the right, and hometown and state below. The scores of football games are written on the panels of the cap. If Tech wins, the score should be written right side up, and written upside down if Tech loses. The back panel should contain the phrase “To HELL with georgia” with one word to each line. “HELL” should be written in the largest font and “georgia” should be written in all lowercase letters, as we choose not to recognize UGA as an institute of higher education. A properly decorated RAT cap serves as a phenomenal souvenir of freshman year. ~ RAT CAP instructions

still has it! vintage RAT CAP circa 1971-72

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

quilt in batik

My niece was getting married and I wanted to make her a quilt. I flew home a week before the wedding so I would have plenty of time.

I had found the above picture on Pinterest (pattern Boxed Squares) which led to a quilting board forum. I liked the quilt pictured, but this forum comment cinched my decision to use this pattern: "One thing I would recommend - turning every other block so that your seams don't match!"

So as to not take up time shopping, I ordered everything online and had it delivered to the house in GA ahead of time - batik fabric and batting and rotary blades and spray baste. I was lucky to find some backing fabric at the local Wal-Mart.

It came together fast, and after a refresher course on how to wash batik, it was ready for the wedding reception on Saturday! I find that I work better under pressure and with a deadline, what about you?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

union and reunion

runaway bride and groom

My niece Sherry was supposed to get married yesterday at Cloudland Canyon State Park. From these pictures it looks like they both tried to escape, but they did tie the knot after all :)

From Sherry: We are camping out, and getting married that earlier morning at the falls. Wear whatever you want, shorts and a t-shirt is fine with me bc I know it's going to be hot!! I will be getting ready in a bath house. It's my official redneck wedding :)  

Sherry and Michael had a small ceremony at the waterfalls at the bottom of the canyon early in the day and a reception later in the afternoon in the picnic area, which all of us family were invited to. She probably thought all us old folks couldn't make it down ALL those steps, (probably right).

Lots of fun seeing family I have not seen in a long time, Sherry, Tina, Erica, Savannah, Amanda, and some I have never met, Autumn. I was very glad to see my first sister-in-law - Kay Austin - I remember I was so glad when my brother brought her home when I was in high school, I had always wanted a sister!

Erica and Savannah

Tina, Savanna, Kay

Tina, Sherry, Susan, Melissa, Carrie

Families are like old quilts, 
although they tend to unravel at times, 
each can be stitched back together with love.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This momentous day is here, the last baby bird flees the nest next door…

As Madison pulls out of the driveway, her life will pass before her mom's eyes. All those years, the four little ones playing together, or fighting, time spent in the car or in the kitchen or camping or watching television, the Christmas cookie baking, the empty peanut butter jars, the braces, cross-country, cheerleading, piano lessons, soccer games, chorus, the Halloween costumes, the laughs, the tears, sleepovers, birthday cakes, the mean girls, the prom dresses, the packing for college, the life…

All of that is in the past now, those old juvenile memories, all PC (pre-college). On to make new memories, new friends. On to the next step. BamaBound is not just a college destination, it is a life-changing event! Go Crimson Tide! Hello Big AL! Roll Tide! 

After all the prep and waiting and anticipation, it is finally time and Madison is more than ready. Time to put LIJ in her rearview mirror. Time to spread her wings. There are places to go and people to meet and adventures to be had. Look out world!

all my bags are packed I'm ready to go...

Just don't forget where you came from, your roots started in Georgia coastal sand and are now deeply embedded in Georgia mountain red clay. A Georgia Peach, a Southern girl through and through. Know that we are all very proud of you and are looking forward to hearing all about college, so if you have any spare time maybe post something on social media occasionally for us folks who are waiting to hear. There are these new things out there like Facebook and Twitter that you might want to check out to connect and keep in touch :)

I tried to think of some advice but you already do and know everything just right, so just keep on... follow your arrow wherever it points :)

The family trailer is loaded, along with 2 cars full, move over traffic, this caravan is Bama Bound!

#madimovingday is here

Sophie says RTR could be Roll Tide Roll but 'round here it is roll tears roll...