Wednesday, May 27, 2015

it's a wrap

national anthem interpretation by Madison

our graduates - Madison and Racheal

gracious hosts and party planners!

With two graduations going on at the same time, the family split up to cover both, then came back together for a great meal hosted by some special friends.

It was good to see everyone together, an interesting group dynamic that makes up our extended/blended family.

Graduation - it’s a wrap - speeches, tossed hats, selfies, tears, hugs - high school is history. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

OKC skyscraper

The Devon Energy tower is right across the street from the Botanical Gardens, a great photo-op with the Crystal Bridge in the foreground of the 850' skyscraper.

Devon Tower from the OKC Memorial

The Devon Energy tower can be seen from any direction towering over the city. 

Devon Energy Center is a 50-story corporate skyscraper in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is tied as the 43rd tallest building in the United States. Construction began October 6, 2009, and was completed in October 2012 ~ Wikipedia

 There are lots of pictures online of the tower including some great construction shots.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

under the dome

Indian Blanket Quilt, hanging in the Oklahoma State Capitol building

Original design and sewn by Ms. Nettie Wallace of Konawa, Oklahoma in 1986, this quilt depicts Oklahoma's official wildflower, the Indian Blanket, and includes nearly 3000 cloth pieces in the large blossom.

The color scheme for the inside of the dome was also inspired by this state flower:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Myriad Botanical Gardens, a beautiful 17 acre urban park in downtown Oklahoma City. 

Unlike the botanical gardens in Atlanta, you can just walk into the outside garden area right off the street. There are many-tiered walking paths, water features, kids play areas, everything is free except the actual Crystal Bridge enclosure where the exotic plants are located. 

The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory was finished in 1988. The framework that makes up the Conservatory’s unique cylindrical shape was built using 17 tri-cord trusses. The framework was then filled in with over 3,000 individual clear acrylic panels that assist in controlling the tropical atmosphere inside the building. After the building was completed, it took almost another two years to plan, select and install the plant materials.

This past Sunday there were lots of people out enjoying the gardens - we saw a wedding, some graduation photo shoots, family picnics, kids playing in the water features, kids feeding the ducks and fish, everyone enjoying the beautiful day.

~more pictures HERE

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oklahoma State Capitol

The state capitol building is a very impressive part of the skyline in Oklahoma City even from a distance. On Saturday we perused our tourist info and decided to drive down there and walk around, after reading this description:

Located on more than 100 acres in NE Oklahoma City, the only capitol in the U.S. surrounded by working oil wells. The Oklahoma State Capitol features Greco-Roman architecture.  The structure is comprised of 650 rooms and 11 acres of floor space with murals, restored stained glass, tribal flag plaza and changing art exhibits. The current site was chosen in 1915 and construction was completed in 1917. Construction of a dome was completed in 2002, a feature that was included with the original design plans of the building but never completed.

The parking lot was deserted, all the reserved spaces for senators empty. We looked around at the oil well and beautiful grounds. We saw the barricades for construction and just assumed the building was closed for the weekend. Then another group of folks walked by and we overheard them saying to get inside you have to go to the west entrance. So we followed them around the building and sure enough, walked right in. The two security guards greeted us, we went through the metal detector and then were on our own to wander through the massive building, 5 stories, art gallery, rotunda, the halls were eerily quiet. 

At the end of our tour we found the gift shop where we once again met a very nice Oklahoman with lots of information and advice on what to see and do. She gave us a belated 'self guided capitol tour' brochure.

We were amazed at all the marble, every floor and staircase was marble. Most of it came from Alabama. The outside of the building is limestone and granite. A very impressive building!

~more pictures HERE

Friday, May 15, 2015

drought management

Breaking News - Central OK is out of the drought with a huge improvement in western OK! Look at the comparison with last week (and 2 months ago)! Wow!!! ~Emily Sutton KFOR-TV 

Buddy is going into another line of work. Drought Management. His work here in Oklahoma is done, the drought is over, the lakes are full. No longer do you have to pray for rain or seed the clouds, just Call Buddy. Seriously, he is at your service. 

For the right price Buddy will travel to your state and the rain will follow. Historically, upon arrival at any new job site the rain will start slowly, but when the grading begins and the footings are dug, the deluge begins. 

Oklahoma, you are welcome. His work here is over, now on to dryer states...

California, waiting for your call. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Following the winding canal through Bricktown Riverwalk Park. I remarked that I was surprised there was no handrail or other barrier. One little girl was running alongside the water, way ahead of her family, to catch up with the ducks, loaf of bread in hand, and fell right in - Buddy quickly pulled her out, soggy, scared, and crying - she was fine and was promptly scolded by her dad. 

This is a very nice area, lots of restaurants, a movie theater, the minor league baseball park, botanical gardens all within walking distance.

Monday, May 11, 2015

boathouse district

A week ago while visiting the Land Run Monument, we followed the Riverwalk, discovered the Boathouse District, and watched some of the U S Rowing Central Youth Championship competition.

Just a few days later, a big storm came through and flooded the area, damage estimated at $250,000: