Monday, May 2, 2016


the granny square

this is a vintage granny square afghan/blanket made by my granny! I don't know exactly when she made it, but I would say about 45 years ago. 

This is my granny - Mother Hanie. This is how she looked my whole life, always the same. She liked to garden and cook and crochet. 

The granny square blanket above is made in the traditional way of using a different color yarn for each row/round of the square, then the last round is black. Individual squares were crocheted and then sewn together to make a blanket. This one was made of wool yarn (before acrylics were popular) and the thing about wool is that you cannot wash it or it will shrink. But I washed it. So if you look closely it is all fuzzed up and sort of all melded together... which is actually a thing now, to make something out of wool and wash it, it is called 'felting'.

The granny square pattern was/is a good way to use up bits of yarn left over from other projects, it reminds me of the way folks used to make quilts - using up bits of fabric left over from making clothes or other projects, piecing the little leftover fabrics together to make something whole and new. Yes, quilters and grannies started the original recycling movement!

Friday, April 29, 2016

a little excitement

What is that annoying sound, it sounds like a sick bird or duck, it must be sitting right on top of our camper. One look outside and there it is - the little tree frog singing along. Okay, he can stay, we have a new pet.

A little excitement in an otherwise boring week - plumbing problems in our section of the campground, so we had to move to a new site, it is nicer, bigger, usually saved for the weekenders, so movin' on up!

Enjoying the sunshine here in LA, and my red kitchen :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

at the beach

an oasis in rural LA

filling up the swimmin' hole with cold well water

aliens have landed

The beach here at Lakeview Park is a 1 acre large swimming area with fresh well water pumped into it daily. The water is cold and refreshing. Beach opens April 23rd!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

laid back in LA

We have yet to attend the barn dance here at the campground. One, it is from 8-12 and we are already in our PJs by that time, and two, we can hear it just fine in our camper, yes very loud until midnight, and three, Buddy has been working 6 days a week and is pretty tired by the time he gets home on Saturday evening, just show him the recliner please.

Other than the weekly barn dances and rowdy weekend campers, it is pretty quiet around here. 

The turtles like to catch some rays where they can, all crowded together on this one floating log, they usually jump off when I approach, but caught them this time!

Friday, April 8, 2016

quilt turning

behind the scenes wedding prep - getting the quilts out - siblings Sue and Buddy

a very quilty theme emerges - new quilts

old quilts

quilts to sit on

quilts to cover up stuff

When planning their wedding, Heidi and Lisa wanted to use quilts for decoration. They asked for permission to use some of mine and came by to see what I had.

In anticipation of them coming by, I laid out all the quilts on a spare bed so they could see them. The one on the bottom was the pink wedding ring - the surprise(!) one that they received as a wedding gift.

As I showed the quilts one by one and told what I knew of each one's history, I did not realize that I was doing an old fashioned quilt turning, or bed turning:

"A bed turning is a form of informal performance in a comfortable setting where storytellers stack quilts on a large bed and then peel back the layers, as they peel back the layers of time. Everyone gathers around to enjoy the "turning": hearing the stories behind the quilts, the quilt-makers, and the intricate handiwork stitched into them."

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016


going vertical finally!

crowded site - one city block in the small town with no room to spare

buried tanks

it's all about coordination - what goes where and when

and trying to get all the kiddies to work well together

Buddy loves his job :) 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Creole Nature Trail

Saturday was a beautiful day, some clouds, some sun, a good day to get out and explore. The campground was overfull with families gathering for Easter, egg hunts, games, music, lots of kids on bikes. So another reason to get out on the road.

The Creole Nature Trail a.k.a. Louisiana's Outback is a scenic drive through the very southwest Louisiana. It was nice and peaceful, we left the bayous and swamps and headed south - not much traffic at all, long stretches of open road, gulf beaches, grasslands, canals. 

Sabine National Wildlife Refuge - walkways into the grasslands, gators, birds. We met some nice folks that told us you used to see gators all along this canal until they turned it into a refuge, now you might see one or two. 

We passed by this pull off and had to turn around after seeing the pink birds, thought they were flamingoes, then maybe thought they were pelicans because of the beaks, but after an internet search for 'pink pelican' discovered they are spoonbill roseates. 

Way down past the bayous and rice fields and sugarcane and grasslands we found the Gulf Coast, lots of seashells by the seashore.

The Creole Nature Trail was described as an 180 mile scenic drive, at the end of the day our odometer said 240. The description also said to fill up with gas before starting out, which we did along with packing a lunch. 

We crossed several shipping channels going between the gulf and inland, some with drawbridges, some with very high bridges for ships to pass under, and one with a ferry. We sat and waited on the ferry, first in line, eating our PBJs. A great day exploring the diverse countryside. 

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