Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mt. LeConte Trip

Mt. LeConte (elevation 6593) is located in Tennessee, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The only way up the mountain is by hiking one of several trails to the top. There is a group of cabins on top that have been there since the 1930s. An overnight stay at the top is very popular, reservations required up to a year in advance.

We made the trip up the Alum Cave Bluff Trail to the top of the mountain in 4 hours, stopping many times for pictures or just to catch a breath. The creeks were full and swift from the rain the day before. The clear sky and sunshine were welcome, with anticipation of great views from the top. We stopped halfway at Alum Cave Bluffs.

Unfortunately, before reaching the top, we entered the clouds, so the only view we had the first afternoon was of the inside of a cloud. So, fast forward to the next morning which broke cold and clear, making for a great sunrise.

More stories to come (guess I better get to work), but enjoy lots more pictures here (click on picture):

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jellyhead said...

The colours in that sunrise shot are so pretty! Glad you enjoyed the climb - I'll be back to hear the rest of the story.

By the way, you and Buddy are looking very trim, taut and terrific in these photos (must be all that hiking, right?!)

Kay and Kennon said...

It may have been on the TN news this A.M. a report about an elderly couple leaving out to climb Mt. LeConte attempting to defy age and gravity. It seems that the man had chosen this climb as a celebration of his 53rd birthday. There were also some awesome shots of the traffic jam on the trail caused by the wheelchair slipping backwards as the woman heaved and pushed her husband to the top......or was it over the top.
You may have heard all the cheering on the sidelines. Whoops, maybe you actually couldn't HEAR it. Anyway, we do hope you have had a thumbs up, grand old time. Just don't let go of the wheelchair, Susan, when you do the thumbs up.
We can only imagine the celebration next year in an attempt to rival his daughter, Carrie's, skydiving extravaganza on her 24th......the wheelchair hurdling from the open door, the false teeth (among other things) whisked away into oblivion. Whew!
Love y'all. Wish we were there; know y'all wish we were, too.
Kay and Kennon (a.k.a. loving sister and brother-in-law)

Motherkitty said...

Stunning pictures and what stamina you two have to make that five-mile hike up the mountain. I would have been huffing, puffing, and the air ambulance would have had to come get me after about a quarter mile.

Glad you two had such a wonderful time. I look forward to more tales from the Tennessee woods.

Linda_J said...

The scenery shots are wonderful. They don't call them the great Smokies for nothing, do they, LOL?

colleen said...

I just hiked up Jocky Ridge Sand dune! We're both on vacation it seems. Your photos are gorgeous.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

WOW...Stunning pictures Susan and I echo both are looking so trim & fit in these photos...must be all the geocaching.

Alice said...

Breathtaking scenery, Susan. (Was the climb breathtaking, too? It would be for How soothing for the soul to find these wonderful places, as yet unspoiled by 'civilisation'.