Tuesday, February 27, 2007

girls 'n cars

Girls like cars, too!

From the makers of Matchbox cars, a new line of cars for girls was just introduced at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

It sounds like a good idea. Being a girl, I like to drive, like to take trips, one of my favorite things to do is to take a drive through the country.

But I am offended by the marketing. Pink and purple sparkly cars with little dolls and themed as 'going to the mall' etc. I don't know about you, but driving anywhere around a crowded shopping mall is not my idea of fun. But maybe that's just me. Maybe the girls like me are already playing with our brother's matchbox cars (I know my granddaughter Madison is). Maybe they have to market this to the city girls.

As the article says, "Despite such skeptics, Mattel seems to have history on its side." The press release:

Polly Pocket™ Polly Wheels™ Cars - Polly Pocket™ makes a HUGE statement with the first ever die-cast vehicles designed just for girls! These candy-colored stylin' mini Polly Wheels™ cars are adorable and include a mini-sized doll for each car. Girls will want to collect them all - there are lots of different unique cars to choose from so girls can race, play and even collect!

The cars will be $2.99 and are scheduled to come out this summer. The only picture I could find of one was on e-bay (go figure).



Motherkitty said...

What will they think of next? I absolutely HATE going to the mall. The last time husband and I went we discovered how horrible the stores were -- all aimed at teenage kids and their ideas of great fashion! Yuck is all I can say. The store windows looked like something out of a headbangers' convention.

Don't these advertising "geniuses" understand that WE have all the money, not these kids. Why don't they market to us, us as in white hair, wrinkles, sagging everything, bulging pocketbooks. Oh, I forgot, some teenybopper who just graduated from Wharton's (age 20-1/2) is thinking up all these marketing schemes, tapping into virgin territory so to speak. Genius.

Susie said...

My little granddaughter is content to play with cars made for "boys" She could care less about pink and purple and frilly. (she's 4)

jellyhead said...

Susan, I bet you're right - the girls who like cars are playing with them already, and the ones who don't are unlikely to be lured by pink and purple sparkles.

I have never been 'into' cars, but I do love to drive. I reckon I'm a good driver. Others may disagree....;)