Thursday, March 13, 2008

just recycle it

Living in a rural area by definition means living without some of the conveniences of city life, like trash pickup. So we just haul it off - to town, to the landfill, or to dumpsters. There is no recycling center here in our county. Only in the last few months have they designated one container for newspapers/magazines.

Everyone knows the benefits of recycling. The kids come home from school and shame us for not doing it. My sister-in-law drives 30 miles to pick up our aluminum cans to pay for her pet projects.

During a recent family outing, our neighbor and niece, Heidi, told us she had discovered a recycling center in the next county, which sparked a new family project.

For over a week, Melissa and I have been going through the trash, setting up bins, and sorting stuff to be recycled. Our actual garbage was reduced by over half for this past week.

Yesterday we made our first trip over the mountain to the Pickens Recycling Center. The folks were very helpful, the facility was impressive and efficient.

According to their website, they take paper (including cereal boxes and junk mail), all types of plastics, aluminum of course, tin cans (like vegetables and dog food come in), cardboard, even old appliances and tires!

Stop! You had me at junk mail!


Sheila in Ohio said...

I am huge on recycling. I think it only takes that first time seeing the small amount of non-recyclable trash to turn the tide. Lucky for me, we don't need to separate it. I buy the lawn and leaf bags from walmart and fill 'em up.

The Calico Cat said...

Stop! You had me at junk mail!

You crack me up!

Pam said...

Once you get started it really isn't all that difficult, and think of how much smaller of a footprint that is being left.


June said...

We have the same issue in Floyd. There are bins but are very limited in what they accept. It really takes a concerted effort to recycle when up there. One thing I've done to help with the excess paper is to be taken off the junk mail lists - still getting some, but not nearly as much. Also, have signed up for electronic bills as much as possible.

Sandy said...

After hearing about that plastic island out in the ocean I'm convinced that everyone should recycle.