Tuesday, October 23, 2007

take me home please

"Take me home please," the cats and dogs seemed to say with their pleading eyes.

Found outside the Mountain Harvest Sale in Blue Ridge, Georgia were these animals waiting to be adopted.

The nice lady explained how she had rescued the cats from behind local grocery stores, taken them to the vet for shots and neutering. She collects aluminum cans from local plants, neighbors, and family members to help pay for the vet costs.

The moral of the story is - adopt a pet, get your pets neutered, and save aluminum cans.

So if you are looking for a pet, check out Gateway Pet Rescue here.

Now to gather up our aluminum cans for our sister-in-law, Kay (nice lady pictured above).


June said...

Your post reminds me of a commercial airing that shows a series of pictures of cats and dogs who have been rescued to the backdrop of the song "In The Eyes Of An Angel". Their eyes pierce your heart...

Motherkitty said...

I wish I could adopt them all but, alas, I can't as we already have seven beautiful kitties -- all of whom have been spayed.

That ad where "In The Eyes Of An Angel" is sung makes me cry every time I see it.

bluemountainmama said...

i always want to tkae them all home with me, when i see booths like this....

we have a feral momma cat that hung around our old neighborhood. we fed her for the two years we were there, and brought her with us to our new place. but man...was it a chore capturing her and getting her into the carrier to come! i hope to get her spayed, but my scratched-up hands and arms are not looking forward to capturing her again. :)

Anonymous said...

We adopted a our family dog Cleo many years ago from the pound and she looked JUST like the dog in your second picture. She was absolutely perfect aside form the fact that she liked to get into the trash. She went to heaven about four years ago but she is still loved and remembered every day. That type of dog, though you may think she just looks like a mutt, acutally is part of a breed called The Carolina Dog. They are one of the best dogs you could ever hope to have! Fun, great with kids, (ours was a nanna dog to our three girls) healthy and smart.
I whole heartedly agree. Adopt a pet!