Friday, August 3, 2007

wrapping it up once again

Another week is gone, another month is gone, where does all the time go?

~speaking of time - Do you have the correct time, the Official Time? Where does the official time come from? When we dial Time & Temperature in our little town, the recording says "From the US Naval Observatory's Master Clock the time is…" It seems the real time is kept here, and right now it is exactly this time.

~job security - Speaking of time once again, I feel as if I haven't had as much of it lately, like I have been chained to this chair for the last couple of weeks, there is no shortage of work with coworkers going on vacation, etc. Vacation, what was that again?

~beach bums - Oh yeah, I remember, vacation - that is where we were this time last year, at the beach. I heard on the news the other day that the PEAK of the hurricane season is September 10th, why does that date sound familiar? Oh yes, that is when we have reservations at the beach this year… sounds like another adventure awaits us!

~bats in the belfry - Are we crazy for going to the beach during hurricane season? Probably, but hey, we take it when we can get it! I always knew we were a little crazy, but this proves it - we have a bat in our belfry! This little fellow must have hitched a ride with us from our recent caving adventure!

~speed reader - Buddy really needs a vacation - his job is at that point of ultimate stress - the last few weeks. He wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about things that didn't get done yet, things that need to be done. He gets up and writes it down, but still can't sleep, so he reads. He is really going through the books. Note to self - stop at the library this weekend and stock up again!

~stay cool With the temperatures in the 90s every day this week, it is hard to remember this snow day back in February. Is that really snow? cool...

~back to school - Yes, the time is traveling fast. Summer is still here in full force, but school started here yesterday, bummer. My favorite first day of school cartoon here.

~thanks - Bonnie over at Wordsmith has bestowed upon me the Thoughtful Blogger Award. Like I told her - "There are always a lot of thoughts running around in the old noggin, but the hard part is getting them out!" Maybe I should get up in the middle of the night with Buddy and write things down - not! Well, actually it is before daylight right now...

~thoughts - speaking of thoughts - here are some some things found/seen/heard this week:

Children will follow your footsteps
Before following your advice

It is always too soon to quit
But never too late to start

Dance like nobody's watching
Eat like everyone is


Motherkitty said...
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Motherkitty said...

You deserve the Thoughtful Blogger Award because you are always so thoughtful. You fill our heads with thoughts we didn't even think we should be thinking about. (What do you think about that?)

Have a great day and tell Buddy that we are all in the same boat -- always waking in the middle of the night thinking, thinking, thinking. I usually get online to do some browsing and reading, then hopefully I can go back to bed to think some more. I think it's part of the aging process.

Sandy said...

I never wake up until I'm wondering what's wrong with me?
Oh...I forgot...I'm retired.