Thursday, October 5, 2006

birthday reflections

Dear Kyle,

Twelve years ago today you arrived into our family and our hearts, it was a momentous day. While at our house, your favorite place to be was in the bathroom, with the bright lights and that little boy in the mirror.

We are enjoying watching you grow up. We have been to games of football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. We watched you graduate from the 5th grade.

You are 'the son we never had' and someone to learn the family carpenter skills from Granpa Buddy, as evidenced by your help in building the treehouse this year.

Hope you have a great birthday! I wonder, do you still like the mirror as much as you did in this picture?

Love, Granma Susan


Melissa said...

Yes, a memorable day 12 years ago. . . Mom, daughter, and sister all at the hospital for Kyle's arrival! What a life changing day!!

Happy Birthday Kyle

Love, Mom

Motherkitty said...

Happy, happy 12th birthday Kyle. Enjoy your special day. Next year you will be officially a teenager!!!

Aren't grandkids wonderful? I'm sure husband is thrilled to have a boy to follow him around and teach all his secrets to.

Grandma Susan, you look so sweet showing a little boy a cute little baby in the mirrow.

jellyhead said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson Kyle.

Can I just add that in that photo you look like you are Kyle's mother!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Happpy Birthday to Kyle.