Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the tree house

I am not sure when the idea of a treehouse was first mentioned. I believe it was last fall, I remember it was cold weather already. It was before Christmas, because it was mentioned by Buddy in the annual Christmas letter:

I was recently met by Kyle and Sarah at my truck when I got in from work one night, with overly helpful intentions…the kind that set off an alarm in your head… know….."Can we carry your coat for you……let us help you up the stairs….." I envisioned all sorts of terrible things awaiting me…. That, and Susan had called me and warned me on the way home NOT to immediately say NO to what they had in mind for me. Well, wasn’t as bad as I thought. After all the niceties and I finally pushed them to spit it out, what did they want….they presented me with a set of plans they had drawn for a tree house/club house. Had dimensions, a plan view and elevation. More than I sometimes get from some of the architects I have dealt with and clearer. We are currently in the negotiation stages of me saying I am looking into it and taking it under advisement, hopefully this will buy me time till spring and warmer weather.

After months of planning and anticipation on Kyle's part, the day finally came to start on the treehouse. The generator was tuned up, lumber was pulled from the stacks salvaged over the years from various jobs. Buddy got out one of his old tool belts and adjusted the size for Kyle. As I watched this almost ceremonious act, I could envision Buddy's dad doing the same thing with him, and his dad before that, as there has been a long line of carpenters in this family. All the supplies were loaded up and taken to the site. Kyle measured and cut the lumber, then came the fun part - hammering!

Kyle will have to share the treehouse with his 3 sisters, and they all came out to check it out. Madison can't wait to start painting. Sarah wants to decorate and put flowers in window boxes. Racheal wants to bring all her books out there. Melissa (their mom) came out to check it out - it is HOW high? Big smiles all around. Thanks, Grandpa Buddy!

Phase I was completed this past weekend - the floor.

May 8 - tree house - phase II

May 17 - tree house - done!


TUFFENUF said...

It is gonna be beautiful! Not easy to build that high in the tree. Looks like you might need a bucket truck to get the rest of it up there. Good luck with it.

Finn said...

What a great Grandpa BUddy they have, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Grandma Susan too..*VBS*

The kids will love it, and are making such great memories together. Can hardly wait to see more..*S*

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's really great...grandpa and grandson building something together...A great memory maker and lots of fun for all.

I still remember when my dad helped us build a tree house and that was nearly 52 years ago....what fun we had.

doubleknot said...

Nice tree house. Hope we get more pics when it is done.
Great that the two can share this experience.

John Cowart said...

What a great tree house... Our kids still talk about the fort we build in our backyard 35 years ago!