Friday, April 28, 2006

auto acrobatics

On Wednesday the phone rang, caller ID was a neighbor about 2 miles away. There was a female voice on the phone, talking really fast. I finally recognized my daughter and got her to slow down so I could understand what she was saying.

"My car hydroplaned and I am at Mr. Anderson's house."

"Are you okay? Do you need me to come?"

"They called 911 and the ambulance is coming and my car is upside down…"

Melissa and Kyle were indeed okay, but to make sure, they were put into neck braces and onto back boards and transported to the local ER. As I followed the ambulance into town I made all the necessary calls to husband, fathers, sister, friends. After an afternoon of monitors, exams, x-rays, and waiting on paperwork, they finally got back home. All is well except for the car, and cars are replaceable.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everyone is okay. I know that is a terrible call to receive. Just glad everyone turned out to be just fine, except for all the rattled nerves. And indeed a car can be replaced. I'm just glad it turned out as it should have. :)


Finn said...

Oh Susan, that is sooooo scary!! If you had seen the vehicle before you got the call...(big exhale here in WI), and I do know the feeling. Oldest son rolled our car over 3X's sideways, and once end over end, before coming to rest on it's top. Only a little broken glass in face.
If I had see that car before I saw him...right!! We count our blessing and give gratitude for the outcome. Soooo glad they are ok. Hugs, Finn

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hearing your daughter's voice on the phone, I'm sure was very reassuring...much better than having someone else make the call to tell you about the accident.
It is always very alarming news when those kind of calls come in, but thank God no one was seriously are replaceable...children are not.

doubleknot said...

So glad that Melissa and Kyle are OK. The picture looks like no one would have walked away.
So scary to recieve a call like that. Glad you were able to handle it.

TUFFENUF said...

Your daughter is lucky from the looks of the car. Thank God she had her seat belt on. They will be sore for a week or so. Hope they feel better soon.

Alice said...

So glad Melissa and Kyle are okay. Very frightening experience, I'm sure. It can all happen so easily and so quickly.

Judith said...

I'm very glad to read that Melissa and Kyle are okay. I know what it is like to get one of those calls too...can't even go there in my mind. Happy this has a good ending. Now for your nerves to heal! Take care.

John Cowart said...

That had to be one scary phone call; I'm glad the girls weren't hurt any worse.

jellyhead said...

Oh my goodness - I bet you are still a little shaken up by that phone call, and seeing the car like that.
It's so good to hear Melissa and Kyle are fine. Hope you're OK after the fright of it all.