Saturday, January 31, 2015

quilt talk

Tennessee barn quilt

if quilts could talk

            quilters are coming to visit
do you know what that means?
we get to come out of the closet, 
cedar chest, Rubbermaid totes
out into the light of day and fresh air

prepare to be ogled and fondled
squeezed and stretched
our stories told, stitches examined
our weight and thickness pinched
our designs traced and praised

stitched in the ditch - what did she call me?
don't squeeze me there, I'm ticklish
pardon me for being fluffy
how rude to comment on my weight
old and frayed? I prefer vintage

not long now, almost time
to go back into hiding, safekeeping
I wish I was a barn quilt
at least I haven't been given away 
or worse, cut up for a new project

blonde quilting duo

Our friends Susan and Teresa {a.k.a. the blonde quilting duo} are making t-shirt quilts and came by for some pointers.

Teresa knows her stuff and won't have any problem with this project. 

Susan is helping, although she was laying the groundwork early…

Susan: I can't sew a straight line, I can't cut straight.

Teresa: Well alrighty then, you can do the ironing part.

They have their shirts all gathered up, have lots of ideas and tutorials on Pinterest and Craftsy.

I love it! You ladies are going to be fine. Take lots of pictures, call me if you need anything.

Two more high school seniors graduating in May with two excited ladies making them quilts, fun times ahead!

pinterest t-shirt quilt ideas

~photo barn quilt near Dover, Tennessee April 2013

1 comment: said...

😀thankful for a friend so honed in her craft and so willing to share her knowledge! Rest assured, we will be calling for more advice. Thank you. I enjoyed the fellowship and sharing stories more than the advice, and it was invaluable. P.s. If I'd known I was gonna be quoted, I would have said something more profound!