Friday, January 30, 2015

morning coffee thoughts

Key West alarm clock

Warmed over coffee is just not the same as fresh. Start a new pot every morning. Start anew every morning.

Coffee has no place in the microwave, it needs to be slowly brewed, dripped, taking its time blending flavors.

There is no COFFEE button on the microwave. There is a POPCORN button, instant gratification there.

But coffee is worth the wait. 

Worth hearing the gurgles and clicks of the coffee maker. 

Worth the wait for the kitchen-filling aroma. 

Worth the wait for the perfect temperature.

Coffee temp should not be tested by your finger stuck in a glass measuring cup in the microwave.

Coffee has no place in the microwave at all.

Start a new pot every morning. 

Start anew every morning.

Start anew.

~photo 2012 Key West 

1 comment:

Lainee said...

I'm guilty of putting my cup in the microwave because it looses its heat so my coffee scalding hot or over ice cubes with cream and sugar and no where in between.