Sunday, February 1, 2015

quilt design wizard

Just in time for Valentine's Day - well, if you can sew pretty fast - possibly a Super Bowl day project!

Quilt Design Wizard Valentines project FREE download (pictured above).

Do you use quilt design software?  Quilters rave about using EQ - Electric Quilt, but I am too cheap frugal and will not pay the $189.

BUT, there is an option for us folks who just want to see what all the fuss is about - Quilt Design Wizard - and the price is definitely right.

Quilt Design Wizard, computer software for designing quilts, from simple squares and rectangles to heirloom blocks to intricate designs. It comes with 200 blocks and 3000 fabrics (virtual fabric, sorry).

I have used it several times, most recently to try out ideas for the UT quilt:

With this software, you can also download a free block with fabric every month, plus have access to 11 years of archived blocks to download. The Valentines quilt at the top of this page just came out, and here is another Valentine's one from their archives:

Quilt Design Wizard is a great tool for quilters and is lots of fun too. You can wow your family and friends with your awesome designs.

BEWARE!  Quilt Design Wizard is almost as addictive as Facebook and Pinterest.


Anonymous said...

Those are really cute!

CathieJ said...

Thanks for the Quilt Design Wizard recommendation. I have been looking for a "cheap" but worthwhile program and now I think I have found it.