Monday, May 6, 2013

my kindle runneth over

I read a lot of books, not so much the real kind, but the e-kind. Whenever I travel to a new area, I sign up for a local library card so I can download e-books. Right now I am a card-carrying patron of 5 different libraries! Sometimes there is a small fee if you are not a resident of the area, but the variety of books available is worth it.

So how do I pick my next book to read?  The e-mail about today's free Kindle books? Perusing the library websites to see what is new?  (Where I recently found Sum It Up, the new book by Pat Summit!)

Or maybe while at a local quilt show, striking up a conversation with the man demonstrating the large quilting machine. "So you are from Georgia? Are you near Dalo-NAY-ga?" We smiled at the pronunciation and confirmed yes, very near Duh-LON-ega. He and his sons have been there, section hiking the AT. He told us about a local gent who has thru-hiked the trail 4 times, and has written a book about his adventures. So we wrote down the name and now I am reading Walking on the Happy Side of Misery by J. R. "Model-T" Tate, from right here in Tennessee!

OR you watch a movie, like The Silver Linings Playbook and are left with unanswered questions, so you search the credits for the line, "based on the book…" and you hurry to get the book to fill in the gaps. Like what is the meaning of 'Excelsior' and what did he say to his ex-wife at the end of the dance competition? Reading the book after seeing the movie usually works pretty well, as the characters have faces (from the movie) and the movie version usually leaves a lot out. 

So needless to say I have way more books to read than I have time, my Kindle runneth over!

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