Friday, May 3, 2013

Clarksville Greenway

The Clarksville Greenway is 4.6 miles long, with the trailhead/parking lot at about the mid point. Earlier in the spring we took the trail to the right, this trip we headed left. This part of the trail features some interesting rock formations, layers of rock formed over time with round stones embedded in the layers, we decided they look like potatoes in a field. There are pastoral scenes with old fences and barns, dogwood trees, lots of birds and squirrels. But the main feature on this part of the trail is the pedestrian bridge, you are literally walking in the treetops!

"The bridge is designed to look like a railroad bridge, in tribute to the Rails to Trails theme of the Greenway. Key features of the bridge are its wooden walkway and decorative rail ties along its full length. Named in honor of Raymond C. Hand, father of Charles Hand and the founder of what is today the Hand Family Beverage Company, the six-hundred foot bridge extends the Greenway’s Pollard Road trail by 1.25 miles." ~ Business & Heritage Clarksville

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