Tuesday, February 15, 2011

coming soon

Construction is underway, coming soon - The Varsity in nearby Dawsonville!

The hot dog stand that originally opened in 1928 in Atlanta grew to be a favorite institution with generations of families (ours included). No longer will we have to drive an hour to get a good chilidog, the new location is just about 25 minutes from home.

Whether you like your dogs naked or all the way or sideways, you might need to brush up on your Varsity lingo to make sure you have your order ready in your mind.

Folks are driving by to check on the construction progress like us, and even dropping from the sky, like this plane that had just landed in the median on Sunday when we were checking out the new store, maybe they just couldn't wait either.

Local Varsity fans will be happier, belts will be tighter, arteries will be more clogged, but at least we will be saving gas with the closer location!


Lainee said...

I'm starting to salivate...memories of Martino's (Milwaukee, WI) Bacon Cheese dog on a poppy seed bun...the works minus sweet relish...ouch...chest pains...

Kermit said...

Oh, that is great news!!!! Love the hot dog and ring one with varsity orange. That is what I use to get all the time back in the late sixties and early seventies. Hand me some napkins please, and watch me eat!!!!

Sandra Henderson said...

You lucky do you!
I've enjoyed catching up on your blogtoday.
When. Y go in after they open, please drop a comment in the comment box for me requesting a franchi on c.I.

Sandra Henderson said...

Was suppose to say:
You lucky dog you!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Georgia. I miss it.