Wednesday, February 23, 2011

have your cake and sew it too

moda layer cake

I never was good at matching fabrics, but no worries, now the fabric companies do it for you with all sorts of coordinating fabrics cut into small sizes - they started out with fat quarters and 5" charm packs.

I admire the marketing strategy - if they don't buy it by the yard, cut it up and sell it in bundles of matching colors and prints.

I love the latest gimmick, getting our attention by using food - there are jelly rolls and honey buns and candy bars, guilt-free ways we can indulge our sweet tooth!

My latest discovery is layer cakes - 10" squares of 42 different coordinating prints, all ready to make into a quilt!

I am using a layer cake pack to make this quilt called mom's bouquet. It is supposed to be super fast and easy, after cutting out the pieces you are just supposed to grab pieces at random and sew together into a square. I have a problem with the 'random' part, so I had to lay them all out and make sure everything looked good before sewing, but it is definitely going together fast!

I was a little worried about all the different colors and prints, is it too much? So I asked for advice from the teenage girls next door and they all liked it! All this talk of sweets makes me hungry, hmmm maybe I should make a really layer cake?


Stray Stitches said...

I love the colors in your mom's bouquet quilt. I think it will be very cheery and bright!

Carrie said...

Just in time for Spring :D

It's lookin good!

deerie65775 said...

Looks like a beautiful quilt..
and I agree.. I like the food analogy !
I can so totally enjoy a jelly roll and not break my diet!!