Wednesday, November 12, 2008

online shopping

It is time once again to start thinking of gift shopping, and online is the best way to go. Last year the marshmallow shooter was lots of fun, of course we had to get one. Unfortunately the election outcome has slowed sales on the Hillary nut cracker. And the timeless and ever popular EX knife holder is back this year also in pink!

For those on your list who just love all those crime stories on TV, they would love this pen holder.

For that soccer mom with a car full of kids, this mug that says it all.

For that deer hunter son-in-law, how about Big Buck who sings "Hit me with your best shot!"

Or for the girl who hates spiders, here is just the gadget, the Spider Catcher - of course a big shoe works just as well.

And finally the homeowner on your list will love this practical but cute little Leak Frog - detects leaks with a loud warning sound!


Gypsy Quilter said...

I need one of those spider thingies for snakes. Do they make them in blue?

Jellyhead said...

Hi Susan, sorry it's been awhile since I said hello.

As always, you are informative & entertaining!!

Joann said...

A spider that size at my house, would just need to do her own decorations, because I'd have moved out! Yipes! Found asmaller version in the bathroom the other day (I think they're coming out the bathtub pipe.) and hairsprayed it to obvlivion. At least I hope I did! Spiders......shiver.