Tuesday, November 11, 2008


LCI(L)-41 at anchor in the Pacific Theater,
158' long, 23'3" wide at middle, 1/4" steel plate hull;
propelled by two sets of quad General Motors 6 cylinder diesel engines
(3600 HP/quad, total 8 engines).
Top speed 15.5 knots.

It came in the mail a while back, a newsletter to the crew of the LCI-41, pictured above. It was addressed to my father-in-law using an old address, I am surprised it actually arrived here. They were trying to locate old crew members, but after starting out with a list of 135 they ended up with addresses for 18 and some (like this one) found the surviving family instead.

On this veterans day, what do you think of when you hear the word veteran? I think of the old veterans from WWII, who came home to parades and victory. Unfortunately we have veterans of all ages now, with war a seemingly unending state of affairs.

The generation of veterans from WWII are almost gone now, the remaining few reaching out to find their old comrades, trying to sustain that bond that is shared by soldiers, wishing they could get together just one more time and tell some old war stories.

Remembering all the veterans on this Veterans Day, young or old, kin or not. Thanks for everything!

~naval photo found here

~tickertape parade photo found at
Georgia's Virtual Vault

~flag - unfinished patriotic wallhanging, a good time to finish what I start


ET said...

Hoorah for the Veterans! We would have been rubbed off long ago if it wasn't for the Veterans.

Have you ever wonder why their isn't a "Politician's Day" to celebrate?

Michael Manning said...

God Bless You, Susan and the memory of Your Father! My brother served in Vietnam; my best friend was shot down there on his second tour of duty and has back problems to this day from the crash. But to answer yourt question: Freedom Isn't Free! A Great Post!!!!!

Motherkitty said...

Hi, Susan. Thanks for stopping by this morning and for your nice comment.

My husband has received several invitations to reunions for personnel who served on the boat he was assigned to back in 1959-1961. It was a destroyer-tender. My son served on a Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine. I'm proud of them both for their service to this country. Neither one had to serve during a time of war, for which I'm eternally thankful, and my heart goes out to all those whose loved ones are currently serving all over the world. May they be safe and return home to their families.

dot said...

Beautiful post! Thanks to all the Veterans!