Thursday, November 13, 2008


motley crew

Grandkids - I can't imagine life without them...

I was in town the other day and ran into an old classmate from high school. We exchanged the usual 'How long has it been?' 'Where are you now?' 'Do you ever see anyone from the old days?' and of course 'Do you have any grandkids?' When I showed her pictures of kids and grandkids, she sighed and said that she didn't have any grandkids yet.

Later I thought about this, of course it is perfectly normal for anyone in their 50s to not have grandkids yet. I thought about how different our lives would be without grandkids. I can't imagine it.

I remember when I became a grandparent at age 40 and Buddy telling me how lucky we were to be young enough to enjoy being grandparents, young enough to play with them and take them places and share our lives with them.

And if not for grandkids, what would I have to blog about?


ET said...

I am writhing with envy.

I always said these word verification things are like tealeaves to read. Below this is the word SPRENEST.

NEST - get it? It sort of touches on your topic for today.

Motherkitty said...

Your grandkids are gorgeous!!! And, to have them when you were so young!!! Why, you couldn't be a day over 41, could you?

Did you read about the 59 y/o grandmother who acted as surrogate for her daughter (who had had a hysterectomy) and SIL and she just delivered triplets? How nuts is that? I would call that going beyond the call of duty.

Enjoy those kids while you can. They grow up so fast, it makes your head spin. They will be gone, out of college and married before you know it, and then you can be a great-grandmother in your 60s. What a nifty thing to look forward to.

Gypsy Quilter said...

They sure make a pretty picture. And who would you teach to quilt? Goodness, you'd have to go out and borrow someone else's.