Thursday, October 9, 2008

one less trip

What's in your trash can?

Since starting to recycle, I have been proudly delivering all of our paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, and glass to a local recycling center. And taking everything else to the landfill.

But, STOP, maybe I am going about this backwards. Perhaps I should take only biodegradeable stuff to the landfill and recycle everything else.

But what about all that stuff in the middle, stuff that will not break down in the landfill, stuff that the center will not take, like styrofoam and foil?

Since starting to recycle, our trip to the landfill is down to one bag a week. Now I am thinking why go at all? Why use the gas?

After taking out the styrofoam and foil, most of what is in my kitchen trash can is food-covered paper plates, paper towels, wax-covered ice cream containers, and pizza boxes.

I finally came to the conclusion that we are overthinking this green thing a bit, as I carried the bag of trash out behind the shed and burned it. Poof, trash all gone, nothing for the landfill to process, no gas for the car to haul it to the landfill, problem solved.

Or is it? I Googled burning trash and read about how bad this is, but if I am just burning paper, one bag a week, is it so bad? What do you think?


dot said...

Here in Haralson County you need a burning permit and my husband will not burn one little thing without calling for the permit. I guess if everyone burned their garbage it would make for a lot of pollution. Life was sure easier tho when you could burn your garbage!

janeywan said...

Not everyone can burn their garbage, but I agree those that can may be wise to do so and eliminate the carbon from driving to the landfill.
I also agree we, people like you and I, tend to over think things, but we are making some impact on somebody somewhere, even if it's only our kids.

colleen said...

You are so much more organized than we are. And you got me thinking about the trash fires.

I'm trying to convert my plastic storage containers to glass and that's not easy.

Joann said...

Dot! I live in Haralson County too! I'm in downtown Bremen. You?

I think Susan needs to put a garden hose close to the burning bin and save the gasoline!

Wow Susan, you're across the state from me, but you have two friends in west podunk! What are the chances?!

doubleknot said...

We have recycle trucks that come around but so far we aren't on the list where I live now. With just me I have so little trash that I only need to put it out once a week. We can't burn here in Florida because of the danger of wild fires. Bravo to you for recycling.