Friday, October 10, 2008


Whats on your playlist?

Stacks of vintage cassettes can be seen all around here, just another casualty of the progress of electronics. Since autos no longer come with cassette players, they are just catching dust (like most things around here).

Buddy is going through all of our old cassettes, he has a cassette player rigged up to his computer and he is recording them into MP3 format, (he has an MP3 player that can play through his truck stereo system).

Since the tapes have to play at real-time to be recorded, and since he leaves the volume up a little so he can hear when it is finished, during dinner we have background music of Thriller or Abba or maybe a Jerry Seinfeld comedy routine while we watch the news.

Nostalgia is running high listening to these snippets of the past, memories of old songs - where we were at the time they were popular, what we were doing?

Still, what to do with the cassettes? Watch for them to be on E-Bay or at the local thrift store. Or better yet, stop on by, have we got a deal for you!


doubleknot said...

I also have a pile of tapes that I don't play anymore. Though my stereo has two tape decks. How wonderful that your hubby found a way to save the older songs. It must be really nice to have the music bring back memories.

Barry said...

What kind of equipment does he have that transfers cassettes to the computer?

Byron Chesney said...

You might want to hang onto that John Denver tape! I've gotten rid of nearly all of my old cassettes. I've still got tons of records, which I'll never part with though.