Wednesday, February 27, 2008

food for thought

The cookies are here!

Once again daughter Melissa volunteered to help with Girl Scout cookie delivery. The local Pepsi company provided warehouse space for delivery by big truck, unloading by forklift, and lots of room to sort out and divvy up hundreds of cases of cookies. There was a parade of SUVs and minivans full of cookies heading over to the Scout Hut.

Melissa continues to be the ultimate SUPERMOM, and really seems to enjoy helping out in all her kids' endeavors. I think she learned her lesson about volunteering - just the short term stuff, hopefully no long commitments like troop leader (again)!

Good job once again, Madison, for selling lots of cookies, with a lot of help from her MOM! Now for that breakfast of champions...


June said...

Love those Thin Mints! We had no Girl Scouts going door to door (do they still do that?)I did see them at the stores though.

dot said...

Those were always my favorites!