Thursday, February 28, 2008


the sun was warm
and set me free
the first one out
for all to see

but what is this
so white and cold
why is the breeze
so crisp and bold

what have i done
what did i find
let me back in
i changed my mind

~photo 27 February 2008 - the first forsythia bloom of the season has a unexpected snowy welcome on Burnt Mountain

~featured on Georgia Blog Carnival #30


June said...

Very cute verse and very lovely photo!

Rick said...

Deep breath....Green is on the way. Just a matter of time. Hang in there ;-)

Kerri said...

Lovely poem Susan. Did you write it? If so, you're very clever with words. Well, you are whether you wrote it or not :)
It won't be long now. We're coming down the home stretch. Yah!

Jeffrey Scott said...

Interesting and humorous at the same time. Nice poem.