Monday, February 25, 2008

just finish it

My socks don't match.

Yes, I knew that when I put them on.

I guess it doesn't matter since I work at home.

All this teaching the grandkids to knit has me wanting to make something. Socks are the latest thing. So I decided to try it. Had some yarn, found a simple tube sock pattern on the internet. Just wanted to see if I could do it. It was easy, no problem. So tried a harder pattern, with a heel. Did that one too. All this time, Buddy was watching with that baffled look on his face. He finally said, "You know you can buy socks already made at the store?"

Now I have two socks, not matching. Hmm. I wonder if there is a charity collecting single socks for amputees? Or is this just another one of my half-finished craft projects?

I showed them to granddaughter, Sarah, and told her I was going to unravel the tube sock, reuse the yarn for something else, but she said NO I couldn't, she liked it, and I had to finish a matching one.

I guess finish what you start is the moral of the story here, and I must strive be a better role model. Thanks Sarah for the reminder, you are a pretty smart teenager!


liz said...

Great job! Yes, you definitely have to make matches for them. I started doing socks last summer and did two pair. Then I made wrist warmers with the rest of the yarn. So of course, I went and ordered a whole lot more sock yarn. I'm going to use heavier yarn, like you did, next...if I ever use up the light, fingering, stuff.....I see why people call sock knitting addictive.....

Kerri said...

Finish both pairs...they're great! :)
Kylie knitted me a lovely soft pair for Christmas.