Friday, September 28, 2007

photo sharing

This is a picture of my desktop this morning. The picture is from Janet in Westcliffe, Colorado. She takes great pictures of the mountains and critters there. A visit to her blog is worth it just to see what picture she has on the header this week!

I recently asked permission to download one of her photos to use as a desktop picture, and she graciously consented.

Last week I had this picture on my desktop from another blogger, Kerri in New York who grows a beautiful garden.


janeywan said...

Some how I knew you'd play this one.
Notice how easy it is to play when you don't have to. Well that's how I feel anyway. I hate pressure! Makes my bones ache.

Your a sweetheart for the link and thinking for photo worthy of a desktop photo. The photo by Kerri is equally lovely.

Kirk M said...

I followed Janet's desktop over to yours. Kinda neat looking at other folks desktops instead of my own for a change. :D

Kerri said...

Janet lives in a beautiful part of the country. Her photo is gorgeous. I read about poor Toby's horrible accident. What an ordeal for the family!
Thanks for the link and I'm glad you like my photo enough to put it on your desktop. I've been enjoying your seagull and beach scene for the past week. I think I'll put your 'toes in the sand' on my desktop too. Love that pic! :) Thank you!