Thursday, September 27, 2007


Souvenir from New Zealand!

Carrie finally went through all her pictures, labeled them, and uploaded them here if anyone wants to go on a virtual tour of the South Pacific. (warning - there are 690 of them, so it may take a while)

She brought us all a souvenir, thanks Carrie!

She must have forgotten to put all of the pictures online, so here is one of Carrie's souvenirs she left behind...

G'day to John, a new Australian friend!


June said...

A trip to the South Pacific warrants lots of photos! It's amazing how easy it is to get into the hundreds when shooting digital. I got up to around 200 just in four days in SF. Of course, after critiquing them, most were deleted. Did Carrie keep a journal too?

Susan said...

June, she had over 1100 photos to start with, for a 17 day trip! Yes, she kept a journal, and has lots of stories to tell about her trip.

colleen said...

I love that living souvenier! A couple of friends of mine went to New Zealand a few years back. Their photos were breathtaking.

I'll make sure to have my camera on hand at the beach.

Kerri said...

Well well...quite a handsome souvenir. Too bad she had to leave him behind :) Where in Australia is he from? I hope Carrie enjoyed the beautiful Aussie beaches while she was there, and the local accents. "How're ya goin'Mate?" is not really how most Aussies talk....but some do :)
I'll have to browse her pics for a touch of nostalgia! She only posted 690 out of 1100+?? :)
I like your souvenir.