Wednesday, May 23, 2007

minor league fun

Last night was a perfect night for the great American pastime. We enjoyed another Rome Braves baseball game last night, the weather was perfect and the Braves won!

There were occasional updates over the loud speaker on the Braves/Mets game at Turner Stadium, at one point a former Rome Braves player hit a 3-run homer at the show in Atlanta! The local fans in Rome really support their team, just watching the crowd you can see that they all know each other.

We went to the Rome Braves games several times last year (a construction contact gives Buddy free tickets!). They have a lot of things going on for kids, and our grandkids had a great time here last summer.

The Rome Braves are a Class A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. The stadium at Rome is a beautiful facility, construction was completed in 2003. Since Buddy is in the construction trade, we usually end up looking at how something is built, so here are some construction pictures.

We enjoy watching baseball, watching our grandson play baseball, watching baseball movies, I even have a baseball bear!


janet said...

Minor league baseball, college and high school, nothing better. They still hungry to play, unlike some of the major league players.
I use to love baseball and my son played, was good at it. Due to unfortunate circumstances I've let myself drift away from the game.
To painful yet to watch.

Sandy said...

We have a minor league team in Lexington and you've just reminded me that I haven't gone to see any of their games for two years.