Tuesday, May 22, 2007

hippie madison

Any excuse to play dress up, especially when the school says so.

Last Friday was hippie day at Madison's school. Who better to help Madison prepare than Aunt Carrie, a fan of bell-bottom jeans and her own hippie days at school. Carrie and Sicilley would sit for hours cutting and sewing things onto their jeans - flowers, peace signs, etc.

First, they had to change regular straight leg jeans into bell-bottoms by splitting the seam and adding an insert.

They even drew out their plan on paper (not sure if this came from the family construction or sewing background).

I received all these pictures via e-mail, I told them I was so proud - my girls can sew!


colleen said...

Hippies have hit the mainstream! All the syles are coming back for real, just like my mother said they do.

I sold most of my old hippie gear at a yard sale before we moved to VA, thinking I needed rugged homesteading clothes, but when I got here I found that the hippies that had headed for the mountains were here! The flowing gorgeous kind!

janet said...

Those are so cool!! Could probably sell them and make a lot of money. Madison had to be the coolest in the bunch.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Looking good, Madison! Peace! I remember wearing bell-bottom, hip-hugger jeans to college. They were actually comfortable. Of course, my body was a whole 'nother shape back then ... lol.

Sandy said...

How cool Madison looks and what a cool mother to help her sew them up.

Kerri said...

Way cool!
Madison looks so cute in those great jeans. I hope she wears them a lot.
Aunt Carrie did a neat job.
Like you, I love it when my girls sew :)