Thursday, May 24, 2007

squirrel aerobics

The bird feeder I received for Mother's Day, hanging outside my window.


LZ Blogger said...

Susan - Have you ever seen those squirrel proof bird feeders? They are funny to watch the squirrels try to hang on to! ~ jb///

doubleknot said...

Besides the birds squirrels are the next best thing to watch their antics. It looks like it was suppose to be squirrel proof but nothing can foil the little critters for long.

Marylyn S said...

Hi Susan,
thanks for checking out my Blog, How funny I just left Georgia to come to Korea. I was born and raised there(Georgia) and got lucky my last tour to get stationed there. Small world

Kerri said...

You caught some great pictures of the actrobatic squirrel :)
We hardly ever see them in our yard. Must be due to the cat control.
What a terrific Mother's Day present!