Monday, February 6, 2006

snow day

It snowed here today, not a lot, but enough to make everything pretty and white. We opened up the drapes on the sliding glass doors to watch it fall onto the deck.

It reminded me of this picture of my kids, must have been 1983 from the size of them. Melissa was outside enjoying the snow, while Carrie was watching from inside. It looks as though Melissa was coming to the door to share the snow with her sister, but she was probably teasing her about being outside.

This picture pretty much defines their personalities, Melissa is the adventurous one, always out and about, trying something new (nicknamed lil' Buddy), while Carrie is the homebody, satisifed to stay in where it is cozy (takes after me, poor kid).

Some things change, some stay the same. Same sliding glass doors, different deck. Same house, different carpet (thank goodness - you can't see the 70's orange shag). Same sisters, different times.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love to look at old pictures too...they bring back such lovely memories.

I clicked on your have such beautiful daughters and they love you very much.
You must be a great mother.

Motherkitty said...

Susan, you are such a sweety. I love this picture of your beautiful girls. I know you were a wonderful mother because look at how nice your girls turned out.

Thank you for sharing.

doubleknot said...

The picture is just so cute. You have raised two good daughters. I know how proud you must be of them because I feel the same way about my daughter.

jellyhead said...

What a cute photo! It must bring back some happy memories.

I'm sure if Carrie is just like you, she is a lovely soul.