Saturday, February 4, 2006

shootin hoops

Two of the grandchildren have been playing basketball this season. It sounded like a good idea at the time they wanted to sign up, getting involved, exercise, etc. But I think my daughter is glad the season is finally over, with what turned out to be 6-days a week with practice and games. Last night were the championship games for both Kyle and Madison. I haven't been to but a couple of games all season, but we went last night for the final games. After the goals were lowered to their lowest point, it was time for the 8 year old girls. It was fast paced, lots of running and walking (oops I was supposed to dribble) and fouls. We thought we were goners right up til the end, when one of our girls shot and whoosh - nothing but net! The buzzer rang for the end, and the score was tied 2-2. After two overtime periods, we did finally lose 8-4. It was very exciting!

Then it was the boys turn. The goals went back up to regulation height for the 11 year olds. The expertise went up also, as these boys can really play. We were behind at one point by 10 points, but came back to within 2 at the end. Whew! Look out NBA, here they come!

One of the best parts was between games and at breaks during the games a lot of the local kids in the stands would run out onto the court and shoot hoops, or just run around and be kids. They must have all brought their own basketballs, I have never seen so many at one time.

It is a good thing our grandkids didn't take after me, I wasn't even a bench-warmer, just a cheerleader. We are proud of the kids for trying new sports, they don't seem to be afraid to try anything.


jellyhead said...

It sounds like you genuinely enjoyed watching the basketball games - what a lovely grandma you are!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I thoroughly enjoy watching the grandkids play ball...they are so cute. My grandson lost some of his baby fat playing football this season...or maybe he just grew taller.

You know the kids really enjoy having the grandparents come to their games shows that you care.

doubleknot said...

Don't have any kids involved in sports but do have a daughter and her husband who geochatch and hike and do oriterring with maps - my son in law makes maps and I found out it was one of my daughter's secret interests when she married.
It is nice that you get to see your grandkids play. Keep the kids busy with healthy activites and hopefully they will stay on the right path.

Motherkitty said...

Enjoy them while you can -- they grow up so fast it makes your head spin. My kids are all grown up and my daughter has two girls. And, they are growing up so fast we can't keep up. The two y/o just counted to 14 for me the other day!!!! What's this world coming to? Kids should stay kids for a long, long time.