Thursday, February 9, 2006

broken promises

The warm weather
last week
warmed the ground,
and even the groundhog
promised of early spring
. . .what happened?

buds of forsythia (yellow bells)

I think I can..

jonquils in the snow

mushrooms on ice


jellyhead said...

I love these photos - especially the jonquils and mushrooms growing right in the snow. There's something uplifting about the determination of those little plants!

Finn said...

absolutelty beautiful post Susan! Love the pictures, I swear you have a poets eye and a poets heart..*VBS*

My mind begins the journey with the words..broken promises..and goes from there...wonderful!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I loved your pictures and your words. I tend to want to believe the budding plants...that spring is just right around the corner...even though the weather won't co-operate.

You have a knack for saying so much with very few words. Have you ever considered writing a book?

Motherkitty said...

Susan, I also loved your pictures. They remind me how fickle old Mother Nature can be.

I looked out the front door the other day (when we were having a 60 degree F. afternoon) and noticed my lilies were popping up out of the ground already. I'm sure if I pulled the mulch and leaves back, I would find more plants coming up. Tomorrow we are expecting anywhere from 2-5 inches of snow, and possibly more according to the weatherman. I guess the groundhogs' prognostications were really wrong or our luck just ran out for an early spring. Husband spent the afternoon getting his gas and engine oil ready for the snowblower just in case.

doubleknot said...

There is something about plants bursting through snow that gives you hope that spring will arrive - at it's own time.
Thanks for the lovely pictures.