Saturday, December 31, 2016

be happy

a new day, a new year…

…happiness is a myth. The moment you think you have it, your transmission dies, your house blows up, and your loved ones leave. ~Sean Dietrich 

Don't base your happiness on things or people, find happiness in yourself or things you can do or make or give.

Kids grow up and move away, that is how it is supposed to be if you did your job right as a parent, so don't sit around and cry if they don't call or come visit, they have a life now, a good thing.

Spouses don't always do the right thing, don't base your whole life or happiness on that person, enjoy their company as an individual person, don't be dependent, stand on your own two feet.

If your car breaks down or even if your house burns down, they are just things, yes even those treasured picture books, just things, you have your memories and hopefully your health, just move on.

If the person you voted for does not win, don't devote your life to protesting it and being angry and full of hate. It is just a thing, just one election, get over it and move on. Don’t base your happiness on a political thing, there are many more things out there you could expend all that energy on, find something good to do with all that passion and you will be surprised at the results. And hopefully after 4 years we will look back on this time and wonder what all the fuss was about, or we will all be nuked, either way it will be behind us.

Don't worry, be happy. Don't base your happiness on others, other things, other people, other events. You are in charge of your life and your happiness, so take charge, get out there and do the things up until now you have just dreamed about, take that trip, write that book.

Be happy with what you have, appreciate your life. Take a walk by the creek, climb that mountain just to see the view. Better yet share your happiness with others by connecting with family and friends and community, donate, volunteer, get our of your safe little cocoon world and be a part of the bigger picture, Just Do It!

Happy New Year!

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