Friday, December 30, 2016

by design

Roll Tide scarf
Crimson Tide/houndstooth

Go Vols scarf
Gray, Big Orange and white checkerboard

I tried my hand at design this year, making up my own pattern for these two scarves, more fun than trying to read some of the patterns out there, and more personal.

This past springI was asked by my granddaughter to make a crochet tutorial online so she could learn while at college... she learned alright! Almost everyone got a homemade crochet gift from Madison this year! I got a cool blanket, my favorite color - purple:

She made countless hats and scarfs and cowls and even a Christmas stocking, so talented.

For years now I have wondered if the sewing and crocheting would stop with me. But now Melissa is sewing and made a quilt, and Madison is crocheting up a storm. 

So my work here is done, I no longer have to worry about sewing/quilting/crocheting being dying arts, this family is doing its part to keep them alive!

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