Monday, January 2, 2017


Our famous author neighbor, Deany Brady, invited us all to her new house on January 1st. 

The neighbors gathered at Deany Brady's new farmhouse, built on the site of the old homestead. The word went out earlier in the day that there was no heat or water so come prepared. Deany was in great spirits and made light of the situation the way she knows best, making it into a story.

They had arrived the night before from California to no heat or water. It was cold in this new farmhouse, just like the old one. They called the local Wal-Mart and were told that they never closed, so off to town they went, in search of electric blankets and water bottles to warm their feet. They found the blankets fine but no water bottles anywhere, do they still make those? The closest things to water bottles they could find were enema bags, same basic concept, so got some of those too. They took off the tubing and filled the bags with hot water to put into the beds. Deany said the electric blanket worked okay, but in the middle of the night it needed some help, so she got up and took the rug off the floor and put it on top of the blanket. It really was like the old days now, the bed piled high and heavy with quilts to keep warm.

Deany is in the middle of writing her third book and I can only wonder if this latest adventure will become part of that. 

Some of the neighbors assessed the situation and soon had the pump running and heat on, that is one of the blessings of having good neighbors, always willing to help out, at least that has not changed over the years.

The new house has parts of the old house included in the construction, like the new rock fireplace/chimney made out of the rocks from the original chimney. The mantel piece is a solid oak beam from under the old farmhouse. The vintage tin roof on the porch is from the old farmhouse roof. The wainscotting in Deany's bedroom is from the paneling in the old dining room.

The family now has a new place to visit from California, they can sit on the porch and see Turkey Creek and Yonder Mountain just like when Deany was a little girl growing up here. They can tell stories from the past and make new memories here.

We met a lot of good folks for the first time, and reconnected with old friends too. Thank you Deany and Jeriann and David for sharing your new home with all of us, it was a great time. Looking forward to the third book in Deany's trilogy, due to be out this August on her 90th birthday!

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