Thursday, September 22, 2016

here's your sign

This granma is Bama Bound!

It is Family Weekend over at the U of A and the family is packed up and ready to go, I am hitching a ride over with Melissa and Keith, just like the Clampetts with granny in the back seat. Fingers crossed on the whole gas shortage situation. We even brought our own house and chairs, ready to go camping.

It is not quite good camping weather yet in Tuscaloosa (69 at night/95 in the day) but compared to $500 motel rooms, a campsite for $36 sounds real nice. We have our football game tickets, Bama shirts, and smart phones for pictures, what else do we need.

We will stand up for the national anthem like good Americans do but we might not hear the words, you see it is Deaf Awareness Week (International Week of the Deaf) and the national anthem will be quietly performed with sign language, a pretty neat idea, especially since it is our own little granddaughter who will be doing the honors.

Yes, the same one who volunteered to sign the national anthem at high school graduation last May. Madison has been petitioning for weeks to do this at this Bama game, sending emails, calling, trying to find just the right person to ask … and perseverance won out.

So our DVRs are set at home even though we are not sure the national anthem part will be televised, but we will be there in person. We will be the little family up high in the stands who are filming the silent anthem. We may not all have our hands over our hearts but we will be Standing Up. 

Don’t be nervous Madi, just over 100,000 of your close friends and family will see you in person and on the Big Screen at the game, and a few more from restaurants, bars, and couches across the nation… 

Go Madison! Roll Tide!

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Linda J said...

I hope they DO show it and I'm going to insist that Paul NOT be flipping channels when the pre-game. I'll explain why first, LOL.

What an honor for her! Have fun at the game with your family, take video if you can of her performance and of course, Roll Tide! I hear it is a phenomenal experience to be at a game with a small city in the stadium.