Tuesday, September 27, 2016

college weekend

Family weekend at UA was very exciting! 

The weather was clear, the good thing being it did not rain on our game or campout. The bad thing was it was record-breaking HOT - "Tuscaloosa high of 99 breaks the old record of 97 set in 1961." Sarah and I 'thought we were going to die' in the heat and spent most of the time in the shady concession area, along with a lot of other red-faced folks.

The game was a blow-out, Bama 48, Kent State 0.

Enjoyed seeing everyone, Madison, Curren, Sarah, Matt, Meli, and Keith. Of course the best part was seeing Madison sign the national anthem on the football field with her back up music by The Million Dollar Band.

We saw Big Al and toured the campus a bit, shopped at the SupeStore tent, saw Madi's dorm.

We watched the band before the game and at halftime.

Then we escaped the heat and people, back to the campground, where it was nice and peaceful and cool. 

The long day ended with campfire, pizza, and s'mores, what more could you want!

~more pics and video here

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Gypsy Quilter said...

What a wonderful granddaughter you have! So glad you got to see her in action and camp somewhere new.