Friday, November 13, 2015

so long Guthrie

Guthrie in my rearview mirror

Guthrie, OK is one of the more picturesque little towns I have ever seen. A photo-op around every corner, and I have enjoyed capturing some pictures of the town and sharing on Instagram. Carrie and Daniel tease me about the hashtags, thinking I don't like the town, but I am just trying to learn this social media language. Daniel even suggested some hashtags for me, a couple of which are actually appropriate on this, my last day in Guthrie, like #nomoreguthrie and #leavingguthrie

I have enjoyed our stay in Oklahoma, the sky is big, the land is flat with oil running underneath, the earth shakes with fracking, and the wind is ever present.

In this little town, the buildings are old and stately, the streets are brick, the history is palpable. The folks here are friendly, they even say y'all.

I will miss eating at the local establishments, Staples' famous steaks and football-size baked potatoes, Katy's huge pancakes that hang over the edge of the plate.

The fabric store sells western material  picturing cowboys and Indians, they invited me to come and sew along in the shop. The lady at the local yarn shop tried to interest me in some OSU orange, I told her that we liked Tennessee Orange. More friendly folks, tried to get me to come on in and sit a spell and knit with them.

So Oklahoma is history for now, heading East to Georgia mountains and home and family. Hurry up Buddy and finish your job so you can follow me.

So long, Guthrie, in my rear-view mirror. 

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motherkitty said...

Have you clicked your heels together three times, all the while chanting "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home" just in time for Thanksgiving. Be safe getting home. And don't forget to tell us all about your interesting adventures along the way.