Sunday, November 15, 2015


I made a little detour today on the way home. Found MarcyJo's Mealhouse in Pottsville, Tennessee, home of good cooking by Marcy and Joey.

A couple of years ago we discovered the singing duo of Joey and Rory. We liked their music and chemistry, then started recording and watching their TV shows and fell in love with them like all of their fans do. Just down home folks, Rory in his overalls, working on their farm, and making music. Rory has been a storyteller and songwriter all of his life, with some big hits under his belt. The red barn/recording studio was paid for by his hit "Some Beach" which paid for the barn, dubbed "Some Barn".

Joey and Marcy (Rory's sister) decided to open a restaurant, and MarcyJo's was born. For a long time I thought that Jo was Marcy's middle name, but the Jo part actually comes from Joey, they are partners in this venture and seem to love to cook for all the folks that stop by. They even demonstrate a recipe weekly on their show. Find their great recipe videos here.

The story of Joey and Rory unfolds each week on the shows (these TV shows are from 2012-2014, now in re-runs) featuring their farmhouse concerts, road trips, family and friends, and ending when their beautiful daughter, Indiana is born. Shortly after that the cancer hits.

Joey is such a beautiful person inside and out. Her story reminds me so much of our neighbor Robin who struggled with cancer, both ladies sweet young mothers, I remember Robin saying she wanted to make it to age 40, and she did. Joey is now also 40.

Rory the husband and songwriter and teller of stories has been chronicling their life since January 2014 in a blog, This Life I Live

 My blog:  I’m a songwriter who isn’t writing songs right now.  Joey has been encouraging me to write about our lives instead. ~ Rory  

It it started out with stories life on the farm, but has turned into a much-anticipated and often heartbreaking update on Joey's health, like this one from October when the treatment stopped:

The doctors gave us an estimate of how much time they believe that Joey has, and we both looked at the calendar that hangs by our kitchen door, then I took the calendar off the wall and threw in the trash can. ~Enough
When a new blog post is announced, the web-site cannot handle the thousands of fans and many get an error message, but keep trying... and praying.

So today on my way through the rolling hills of middle Tennessee, I veered off my path toward home to stop by Pottsville, Tennessee. With Joey on my mind, I made the short detour to MarcyJo's. I knew it was closed on Sundays, but just wanted to stop by and see it. Maybe someday in our travels we can stop in when it is open and have some of their famous cooking!

Marcy and Joey are changin' lives one bite at a time…

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