Thursday, November 12, 2015

Higher than Yonder Mountain: Book Review

Higher than Yonder Mountain by Deany Brady

The little Deany that we all fell in love with in An Appalachian Childhood is back! In this the second part of her memoir, she tells the rest of the story. Always a dreamer, Deany longed to see all the exciting places pictured on the newspapers that covered the walls of her family's two-room shack deep in the mountains of north Georgia, and after years of hard work on her family's farm she did just that.

She was such a brave and strong young woman to venture out into the world on her own. From the poor red clay of Georgia to the glistening sands of Miami Beach to the bright lights of New York City, all of Deany's dreams came true as she saw and experienced the rich life. Of course there were highs and lows but her spirit sustained her through all hardships, after all growing up poor in Appalachia had made her strong enough to handle almost anything.

Then, coming full circle, she returned to her home in the shadow of Yonder Mountain, to the place that gave her strength. Her wings took her to fancy places, but her roots brought her back home to family. That red dirt wasn't so bad after all, especially when washed off in the cold water of Turkey Creek after a long day on the farm. And where better to raise a child than in the same place that raised her.  

Deany Brady is a master storyteller. Warning - once you start reading, you won't want to stop until done!

This book read like a novel, I often had to remind myself that these stories really happened, to a real person. If you have not read the first book in this memoir, An Appalachian Childhood, you must do so now! Then enjoy the rest of the story, Higher than Yonder Mountain.

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Linda J said...

Saw your well written review on Amazon! You should have been a n author too, Susan.