Friday, October 2, 2015

paradise, OK

Growing up through the concrete forms and weeds are the Oklahoma wildflowers, adding a little bit of color to the otherwise drab job-site.

looking more like a Love's store every day

It takes a lot of different materials to make a job, but when finished all will be hidden (hopefully) - pipes, sheet rock, insulation, metal studs, dirt, tanks, gravel, re-bar, leaving only the finished look of concrete and brick and tile and shiny windows.

It takes a lot of different specialties [subcontractors or subs] to build a job, some are good, know what to do, some can even read blueprints. Others are clueless, they show up late if at all, have no tools or the wrong ones. They are given endearing nicknames by the superintendent, like Whiney Wayne and Lying Bobby. The aforementioned superintendent says when told to do something, these [sorry subs] look like this:

There are still a few good subs out there, but they are few and far between. Gone are the days of craftsmen taking pride in their work, back when subs would be given a set of plans and do the job without hand-holding and having the super go and get them supplies and even water to drink... !!!  This super has often threatened to get boxes of pacifiers and tissues to hand out when the subs start crying about stuff. 

Oh well, the birthday present from Melissa sums it up, it's just another day in paradise here in Oklahoma :)

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Linda J said...

And I bet Buddy has found that it does not matter what state or region he goes to, there are still good and bad subs and worker bees. That bug eyed minion cracked me up but it cannot be funny to the guys in charge of the project.

Keep on plugging! It would be fun to go back down to Key West, wouldn't it?