Thursday, October 1, 2015


so I made this cute little camper quilt a while back… keyword little.

I knew the bed in the camper is king size, but it was 100 degrees outside and was not thinking of a bed quilt, and besides I would not think of actually making a king size quilt at this little dining room table.

Then I started redecorating the camper and threw out the old bedspread etc. Summer sleeping with the AC under a light blanket is enough. But now it is starting to get cooler, the high this weekend will be in the 60s with possible lows in the 40s… what? How did this happen?

I have been thinking for a while about two different scenarios… either start from scratch and make a king size quilt, OR add borders to the one I already have.

Just add borders, sounds easy enough, right? Just rip out the binding and add enough border to make it king size. But wait, I already quilted it and washed it and it shrank (which I do on purpose to get that nice quilted effect). So I can't just add new fabric, un-shrunk fabric…

So I will have to make the 4 borders, add batting and backing, do the quilting and bind the edges, then WASH the borders, before they will be ready to add to the already made quilt.

When mentioning this to folks, the most popular reply is - why don't you just make a new quilt the right size?

But at this point it has become a challenge, can I do it? is it possible? 

After pages of notes and figures and waking up at night with ideas, I am ready to take this on.

Fabrics purchased, design approved, just do it!

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Paula, the quilter said...

Well, this is going to be interesting!