Monday, October 5, 2015

fall in Guthrie

Guthrie Escape! Fine Art, Wine, and Music Festival

Fall is in the air (finally!) and that means festivals. We strolled around the downtown Guthrie Escape! festival, met some nice folks, heard some good music. Amused at the folks walking around with their wine glasses sampling the fruit of local vineyards. Talked to enthusiastic photographer Vernon Hatley and a laid back artist from Stillwater, and the folks at the OKC Sawmill. Listened to the sister band Annie Oakley, teenagers who write their own songs and have great voices and talent.

The Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival was also going on this weekend but we didn't feel like spending the $60 so we opted for the free downtown art fest. 

A great little town with lots of nice folks, they think they are in the South here in OK, they say y'all and some even fly rebel flags, just like home!

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Linda J said...

they are kinda south but then Plains states too. Looked like you had fun and some sunshine. Sun in short supply here lately.