Sunday, July 12, 2015


We went to see the Minions movie…. along with a lot of young families with lots of kids. I think we were the oldest ones there. But everyone was well behaved, as long as they had their popcorn.

We made the trek 40 miles south to the Warren Theatre. We first discovered the Warren Theatres a few years back when we were in Wichita, Kansas. A beautiful old-style theatre, the best part is before the movie. Unlike other theatres, there are no commercials, no television show promos, no ads for the dentist down the street, not even any concession stand reminders. The main feature is preceded by 3 previews of coming attractions, just 3. And some things that have to be said - but really shouldn't, like silence your cell phones, no smoking, don't put your feet on the seats, and shhhhh…

The Minions' first big movie all about them was worth the wait. The theatre erupted in little giggles at all the right places with an occasional LOL. The older folks were laughing as well and entertained by the vintage Beatles music.

As the credits rolled, the appropriate theme song played, Mellow Yellow. You must stay til the end, I mean the very end of the credits, where Stuart and Bob and Kevin are joined by the entire animated cast to sing the Beatles' Revolution in Minionese.

A happy movie for a happy birthday!

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