Monday, July 13, 2015


Yep -- that's my mom... 
Always waving at random people. Talking to strangers. Putting weird items in people's shopping carts when they're not looking. 
Always smiling. Always looking on the bright side. Always ready to help when you call. ~Carrie

On the morning of my birthday I received an e-mail: Carrie has posted a picture of you on Facebook. Dread in the pit of my stomach, please don't let it be the motorcycle picture. Whew it was not, and I was pleasantly surprised by her sweet words.

Also on that morning I was reading the day's words in YourDaily Rock by Patti Digh, and as is so often the case, her words mirror something that has happened or been said or felt on the same day.

Patti: I heard someone once say, "I've decided to be happy in advance."

Or as I call it - fake it til you make it.

There is so much bad news out there bombarding us daily. Try not to dwell on the bad. If I find myself being pulled down, I try to think of a happy place {beach} {home} and get my smile back. Then I count my blessings of which there are many.

If you are down in the dumps, just smile through it, a smile is a powerful thing. Choose to smile. Choose to be happy. Choose life. 

To be able to choose to be happy is a gift, albeit a fleeting thing - I think of my friend Bobbie, how she cannot choose to be happy any more, she is imprisoned by the disease of her mind - and of all the folks faced with cancer or other life-threatening diagnoses. So count your blessings, live one day at a time. 

Choose to be happy - why would you choose anything else?

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Amanda Elrod said...

Happy late birthday!!!