Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Working out of town, we try to get home every 6 weeks or so, and are accumulating some sky miles.

We always allow lots of time when we go to the airport, you never know what might delay you - traffic, rental car return, long lines at security, gate changes.

On Sunday July 5th our flight back to OKC was scheduled at 3:58. We left home a little after 11 a.m. The traffic was light, we didn't stop for lunch, and rental car return was quick. But the security lines were long, the usual Z-line overflowed and extended back through the atrium. We had heard on the news about the terror threat being high this holiday weekend. There was a TSA dog sniffing bags as we passed by him.

Once we got up to the security check point, it was actually very light - keep your shoes on, don't take anything out of your bags, keep moving. So we ended up with quite a lot of time to spare, a good thing.

We texted Carrie for the location of the Varsity, and proceeded there (on Concourse C) for lunch. Then headed to our gate on Concourse B.

Travel between the different concourses is all underground. There is the option of riding the subway/plane train, or riding the moving sidewalk, or just walking. We decided to forego the train and walk, and this is where we discovered the exhibit "A Walk Through Atlanta History." 

Exhibits from the native Americans through the Civil War, and to modern day Atlanta lined both sides of the wide underground walkway, very well done.

So if you find yourself at the Atlanta Airport with some extra time, check it out!

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