Wednesday, January 7, 2015

this is your life

Almost 70 t-shirts come together to represent the life of Madison. She came up on Sunday for final approval and for some last minute additions. She likes it! She pointed out tees from as far back as 2003, smiling with memories, "Look, that is from when we went to Washington, DC with Bobbie and Ed!" 

This will be a t-shirt quilt for high school graduation gift, to take to college - which college you ask? A BIG decision has been made on that front, can you find the clue in the quilt?

how to make a t-shirt quilt

Black fabric will outline each tee - kind of like above, just some of granma's visual notes. I take lots of notes and pictures because the next step is to take each of these and iron on the stabilizer backing, cut to size, then start sewing them together in rows with the sashing in between. This picture will be referred to often and hopefully it will all come back together to look like this again.


Linda J said...

Like the layout! Could she possibly be heading across the state line MY direction??

The Calico Cat said...

pure guess becasue I like guessing - the G in the bottom left oorner = Georgia?

Matt said...

Hi there,

Just wondering what your base prices are for making a t-shirt quilt?


Lorna McMahon said...

What a gorgeous quilt this is going to be! And well loved too!