Thursday, January 8, 2015


my new favorite quilting tool - blue painter's tape

no muss, no fuss, no sticky residue

and I bet there is a lifetime supply out in the workshop

well maybe not, Melissa has been looking at paint chips again...

using blue painter's tape as a quilting tool

see how it holds down the lining while making the quilt sandwich

but this is the best part - just mark your quilting lines and sew along the edge of the tape

for sewing great straight lines

Oh and I got a new sewing machine for Christmas!! It has been going through a trial period, but this week has passed with flying colors, specifically orange :)

I took an online quilting class at Craftsy, Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot, and got some great ideas - especially the blue tape!  

Love this quote from the teacher: There are 2 ways to baste your quilt - safety pins or spray baste. What? Seriously? Basting by definition (Websters): To sew with long loose stitches in order to hold something in place temporarily. 

I love how things have evolved. I guess no one bastes the old fashioned way anymore. It was a pain, yes, and when the safety pin method came out a lot of people liked that, but I think it is a pain, too. All those pins and sore fingers from putting them through the thick quilt. Right now spray basting is the thing, yes it is a little expensive, yes you have to ventilate or get dizzy… but it is so quick and holds everything together while you quilt, love it!

Repurpose - finding a new use or purpose for a product; the use of something for a purpose other than its originally intended use. I imagine the makers of safety pins and blue tape are loving this!

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Lainee said...

I baste with straight pins, safety pins or spray...or a combo of all the above. It just depends on how big it is and how much it will be manhandled.

A quilter should always have a roll of blue tape handy!

Congrats on the new machine!!