Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Did you know that when planning a quilt using a particular college colors you can find the official school palette? For example, say you wanted University of Tennessee, just go to their webpage:

On the webpage when you highlight the text, it turns Orange! And read the history of why that is The Color:

We are orange. Orange is us. Others may also wear orange, but for them it is a color chosen. For the University of Tennessee, orange is at the core of who we are.
Its origins, of course, lie in the orange daisies that flourished on the Hill in the late nineteenth century. Orange was literally rooted in the center of the campus. Its shade has shifted over the years, just as the campus has shifted westward. But just as the Hill remains the spiritual center of the campus, orange remains central to who we are.
Orange is vibrant. Orange is energetic. Orange commands attention, on the field or in the board room. Orange leaves an impression.
We wear it with pride. We should allow our publications and websites to wear it with pride, too.

They even give the HTML code for the color to use on publications or websites.

Of course there are other colors you can use to complement this main color, like this:

Scroll down further on the webpage and find all the other complementary colors in addition to Limestone and Smokey, like Valley, River, Leconte, Rock, Buckskin, and this one made me smile - Summitt (for Pat Summitt of course, the light blue of the Lady Vols). 

So if you wanted to make a UT quilt, this would be a great resource. It helped me to pick out these colors:


Teresa said...

You are a plethora of knowledge my quilting mentor. Thanks for the info and I love the colors. I think I heard that Crimson might be the color of a future quilt?!? 😄

Linda J said...

cool! So I would just google something like "official colors for the University of Illinois (or Alabama)??